Customer Service

S.C.S has experienced customer service staff that can assist you with any inquiries and provide reliable and effective information throughout the entire order process. They have access to our inventory of over 60,000 part numbers and the ability to ship from any of our branch locations in the Kingdom.

Immediate Delivery

Solutions in 24 hours. We guarantee to ship an order the same day it is placed providing immediate availability of stock throughout our strategically located branches.


Our warehouses have a large inventory available in order for us to offer the best service. In addition, we have made agreements with main express transport companies, to speed up the process.


S.C.S offers products of the highest quality backed up by our team of professionals, who will choose to acquire them among the most recognized worldwide manufacturers in the market. This quality gives our customers the confidence and results expected of Parts.

Technical Assistance

The Technical Service staff can assist with parts lookup and answer installation related questions. Our experts assure all parts you install are of the finest quality available in the replacement parts industry.